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Do you want peace in your family?
Are you tired of arguing or pleading?
Want to parent with confidence AND kindness?

Do you nag, bribe, threaten, yell, and hand out consequences, but there never seems to be a reprieve from the defiance and disconnection?

Are you stuck in the the Anger Circle and can’t break the patterns? What would make all the difference to you? Would it be…

  • More cooperation?
  • More respect?
  • Less back-talk?
  • Less fighting?
  • Less nagging?
  • More peaceful interactions?

What if you could achieve all of that without using conditional, relationship-damaging,
short-term tricks that most traditional mainstream parenting advice suggests?
Would you take that journey with me?


When you sign up for the Family Peace Project, you commit to taking a powerful step towards creating peace and cooperation in your family and you can do it at a pace which suits your busy life and at a price that matches your budget!

By joining our members only program, you will have access to the resources, concrete tools and personal support necessary to bring about positive growth in your family – not on some 8-week series schedule, but at your convenience.



Your kids don’t want to disrespect you, they don’t want to defy you – but often our habits of communication leave us ALL feeling unheard and less than resourceful, let alone bonded and cared for. When we’re reactive – we’re stuck.

When you take this journey to family peace with me, you will learn to transform your patterns of anger and FINALLY set limits with confidence and respect. And, I’m going to show you how to do it without force or sending the message that you are unkind or inflexible.

Sign up TODAY and start creating the long-term influence that I know you MOST want to experience!

The BEST PART? The support. Monthly calls and daily motivation via our private Facebook forum. Come with pain and leave with peace.

The Eight Fundamentals of Family Peace video course is just ONE program in my on-demand library, and it includes a road-map to communicating in ways that bring you closer to what you want AND show you how to use discipline that doesn’t leave you feeling guilty, unheard or disrespected. That means more PEACE in your home. Read about the program details below.


“Hi Lori! I just want to let you know that this class is helping our family so much. I want you to know that I have read countless books and blogs, and talked to everyone around me for advice, but nothing compares to the perfect fit of this class for us. I am so happy to have concrete and practical methods to apply and real language that I trust to use! You are doing a most important job!!! Thank you!”

Yasmin & Billy S.  |  California


“Excellent class today Lori!! Great information. Wonderful. So glad to be participating. SO glad to be raising my children on a conscious path. In the long run, its really the easier way to parent for sure! My 8 & 12 year old were listening in today and were raising their hands and answering your questions.”

Judy S.  |  California




“I highly recommend the series. You’ll get the basic steps of Lori’s T.E.A.C.H tools and the fundamentals of conscious parenting, and the invaluable opportunity to ask specific questions about your own situation and challenges. This is what made all the difference to our family. We were able to apply the tools immediately and see some immediate results. Within just a few weeks my own stress levels were halved.”

Diane D.  |  California


“Thank you so much for reminding me not to be so hard on myself. Your classes are great.”

Carrie | Social Worker | New York





______________________________________________________________________ know it can be difficult to find other families parenting with conscious awareness – but that is slowly changing and it is because of YOU and the commitment you have made to changing the way you speak!

The Member Program will take you on a journey through my Eight Fundamentals of Family Peace.

The learning modules in this program include short training videos, downloadable PDF exercises, monthly member calls, and access to our Private Members only Facebook group and my library of audio classes.

The eight fundamentals are delivered via email over the first two months of your membership period and laid out in a specific order to maximum your understanding of the material but you are free to review the courses at your convenience by using the Member Login on the main page.

Now you can surround yourself with a community of parents and professionals who are on-the-same-page. Inside the Family Peace Project, you gain access to exclusive benefits and unbeatable personal support only available to members.


    • Audio/Video Library arranged by topic & includes more than 60 programs to enjoy.
    • 25+ Mindful Activity PDFs
    • Bi-monthly Support Calls where you can get YOUR personal questions answered.
    • Special Topic Webinars w/experts in trauma, nutrition, special needs and more.
    • Platinum Members can download the program MP3 downloads, to keep and transfer to your favorite listening device while on-the-go.
    • Access to our private Facebook Group where you will find support w/ like-minded, conscious families to share stories and trade ideas.




“Lori! i have enjoyed the classes so much. Yesterday I was triggered and caught myself and began to investigate…found the needs and instead of beating myself up for them… my heart broke open and sobbing commenced. I have some hardened ideas beginning to be softened. Thank you!”

Jana M. | Tennessee






  1. After you complete your payment through Paypal, please FOLLOW ANY ON-SCREEN INSTRUCTIONS TO RETURN TO OUR WEBSITE OR WAIT TO BE REDIRECTED to a new page so you can complete your registration and create your username. Check your e-mail for ALL follow-up for how to access your member materials. If you miss a STEP, just send us an e-mail!
  2. The Fundamentals of Family Peace Course Modules will arrive over the next eight weeks via e-mail beginning on the day you complete your registration. Each week, you will receive a link to access your newest learning module and any training videos, and weekly exercises that go along with that particular course. I recommend that you listen/watch the videos in the sequence listed for the best results BUT you can go through the sessions in any order, at your own pace – and go back and review any lesson – at any time during your membership period.
  3. You will be notified of our twice-monthly Q&A Support Calls via email prior to each session and you have the opportunity to submit your questions ahead of time.
  4. You will receive a link via e-mail to join our Private Facebook Members Area. Participation is strongly encouraged!
  5. You must have broadband (high-speed) internet to access this program. Please check your computer’s capabilities before you sign-up.

After you complete your purchase, please follow the on-screen instructions to RETURN to our website or wait while you are redirected to a new page to complete your registration.


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Silver Trial Membership
Gold Trial Membership

You information is 100% safe and you can cancel your subscription at any time!
If within five days you decide that the program is not for you and does not meet your needs,
just e-mail us with your name and paypal address, and we will refund your subscription – no questions asked!

**IMPORTANT** Your subscription is automatically charged after the five-day trial period ends. You must cancel your subscription before your trial ends to avoid being auto-billed. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. You must have broadband internet access to access this program – refunds will not be given for technical incompatibilities – please check your system before you register.  





I’ll show you how to uncover exactly what’s going on – inside – so you can understand what you are seeing on the – outside – and then make choices that will lead you to sustainable change.

Inside this program you will learn:

    • Why “simple,” magic 1-2-3 solutions have long term consequences
    • How to change a battle of wills into an investigation of truth and head-off defiance
    • Why authenticity matters more than what you “say” or “do”
    • How your child’s perception of YOU influences his behavior and choices
    • How to replace “If, then…” consequences with compassionate limits
    • How to soothe the sensory-sensitive child to prevent overwhelm and inflexibility
    • What to do about rigid behaviors and kids who are challenging to connect with
    • Remove the blame, shame, judgment and guilt that plague your relationships

Click here for the full curriculum






Visit the FAQ section for the full low-down on the most-ask questions:

The #1 MOST ASKED question….

Is this an 8 week course or a self-paced parent education training?

It’s both… currently over 13 training videos are contained in the 8 Fundamentals of Family Peace.  Upon sign-up, a new Fundamental course will be delivered to your email each week. Each fundamental includes one or more videos and weekly exercises.

Because each new foundation principle builds upon the prior lesson, the course modules are delivered to you in a specific order to maximize your experience. But there are many videos to explore and your membership also includes twice-monthly Q&A Support calls (MP3s available for all) and with a YEARLY membership plan – get the MP3s of the classes to listen to at your convenience.

Anything else… you can probably find it by clicking here >>

If for some reason you miss your confirmation page. Don’t panic. Just send an e-mail to classes AT teach-through-love DOT com and I will get you all fixed-up!

See You There!




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