Frequently Asked Questions


How long is the Family Peace Project?

The Family Peace Project is an ongoing membership program with three subscription options to choose from. When you join, you will have access for as long as your membership is active. Options currently include: monthly access, three-month access with quarterly renewal or a yearly subscription.



What if I don’t have time in the next few weeks to complete the course?

If you’re unable to participate in the program as the courses arrive in your email over the next 8 weeks, no worries – it is yours to go through whenever is best for you! Q&A Support calls are recorded for your convenience.



What if I am too busy to do the exercises in the program?

When you look at the amount of time that you spend arguing, nagging, threatening or bargaining with your kids – you have to decide if that is a pattern that you want to – or should continue.

Family peace is not outside your reach and a community like this, along with the training and live support, is a game-changer for many families. They see dramatic changes in the level of cooperation and connection that they feel from their kids after implementing what they learn.

So you really just have to ask yourself – can you waste time with short-term punitive discipline and what is the cost to your relationship with your child? Are these small conflicts not that big of a deal – and not worth the time and investment of learning a new way? Balancing the long-term goals for our kids with the daily grind is always a challenge in parenting. The Family Peace Project will certainly require a time commitment, but it is one that will continue to reward you as your child grows.



Is this a monthly membership price or a one-time fee?

You have 3 membership options from which to choose. Upon completion of your first payment, you will be auto-enrolled in the plan you select and your payment will be processed with an automatic billing on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis depending on your subscription plan.



Can I cancel my membership and get a refund?

Once you complete your payment process, you will automatically begin receiving access to your materials. Our goal is to build a community of parents and professionals who are committed to changing the world for the better for our kids. ALL initial subscriptions sales are typically final. However, if within seven (7) days, you decide you no longer want to continue as a member, you can cancel your subscription by e-mailing us with your name and paypal address and we will refund your subscription payment with no questions asked.  Beyond the seven-day period, any recurring subscriptions can be cancelled at ANY TIME prior to the next billing statement.

PLEASE NOTE: As long as you cancel before your NEXT BILLING DATE – you will not be charged for a new subscription plan. You will continue to have access until your membership period runs out. There are no retroactive refunds after the initial seven-day-period, so please choose your plan accordingly.

There is no one-way path to peace and I will still be here to serve you every Tuesday with another TEACHable Moment, no matter what you decide.



Is this program for parents of toddlers or teens?

The Family Peace Project is geared toward parents of children over one-year of age. We do not discuss baby routines, infant sleep or any of the common interests of new parents. However, the communication tools and self-growth inside the trainings are for parents with kids of any age. They are appropriate for parents of toddlers to teens because the process of building relationships and de-coding behavior is the same – no matter what age we are.



What if I do everything in the program and I still am having challenges with my child?

This program is meant to be a series of learning exercises with training videos to enhance your understanding of how to effectively parent with confidence and kindness. It is not a substitute for professional help. If you feel your child’s behaviors are severe or uncontrollable, please re-consider seeking a licensed counselor before enrolling in this course.

That being said, to be honest with you, I have not had anyone implement a conscious parenting viewpoint and be worse off because of it.

I imagine it’s because the Fundamentals of Family Peace is not a magic-fix-all, one-sized-fits-all kind of course. It is best to take the strategies and philosophies that you learn, and then apply them, with your own creativity and personality, to the experiences with your children based on their unique stage of development, and temperament and according to your personal family values.

When you’re truly seeking to understand your child on an individual basis and looking beyond his behavior while practicing the compassionate communication tools I will show you, it’s pretty hard NOT to see real observable change in your kid’s behavior.



Is this just another parenting program that gives me a bunch of theory but doesn’t really tell me how to apply it to my situation?

This program is full of weekly exercises and concrete, practical tools to use as you go through the eight fundamentals. If you’re concerned about not understanding how to apply the strategies that you’ll learn in the course, then be sure to attend our bi-monthly Q&A Support calls. On these calls, you’ll have time to get your questions personally answered.



What format is the program in? Audio, videos etc.?

The Family Peace Project consists of online training videos, and PDF files and the yearly membership plan includes audio MP3s which are available for download. The program also includes LIVE monthly support calls and special topic LIVE events.



Is the Family Peace Project only for parents? What about educators, therapists, nannies and grandparents?

The Family Peace Project is suitable for families, teachers, therapists, child-care workers and anyone who works with children. Regardless of whether you are a parent or provider, if you want peaceful solutions to conflict, communication, and difficult behaviors, the Family Peace Project is your ticket to learn how.



Is there a limit to how many people can enroll in the Family Peace Project?

No, there is no limit to how many people can sign up for the Family Peace Project. However, due to this program being one level of a larger membership site, new enrollments may be discontinued at any time as we upgrade the website.



Will I lose access when you upgrade the website?

No, members will continue to enjoy the training modules listed in the course curriculum.



If I don’t enroll now, when will my next opportunity to sign-up?

The education program calendar has changed from year to year, but in 2014 I am planning to keep membership open through March 2014. If you have been looking for a solution to the challenges in your home, then I’d suggest you enroll now if you want to take advantage of this opportunity to give the program a test-drive. If this is really the solution for your family, you can lock in a special introductory phase pricing.



I live in another country, can I still participate in the Family Peace Project?

Yes. There are many participants from outside of the US who participate in our classes.




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